About us

The Institut de Beaute & Spa offers comprehensive services in skin and body care as well as foot and perfect-looking hand care. We work with SOTHYS, professional French cosmetics that is used in beauty and wellness salons worldwide. SOTHYS beauty salons are sought by women who want to be beautiful and have assurance of quality skin and body care. At the same time, the philosophy of the brand is that you can be given the best advice by a beautician who knows her job well and can remove your make-up and estimate your skin needs properly. Therefore, we have many satisfied clients who return to our beauty salon and have become fond of our treatments and Sothys products.
We take pride especially in a professional approach to our clients because we are aware of what women nowadays most need and require. That is to be lovingly taken care of. Therefore, we offer a 100% full money back guarantee if a client is not satisfied with our services. 
The Institut Sothys does not use any devices; everything is pure manual work with a perfect effect of Sothys products. Visit our beauty salon and you will find yourself in another world for a while. It is the world of tranquil atmosphere, candle lights, quiet relaxing music and lightly scented with spices. 
All this is offered to you by the owner Anna Pašková and her team of Beauty Consultants. 
It is important to have in mind that today's trend is no longer to look younger at all costs, but to look great for your age, i.e. to take care of yourself with love and respect, to have your skin look well-kept and to be satisfied with yourself.
Veronika Langenbergerová
beautician, pedicurist, manicurist; she provides Sothys body rituals and body hair removal

Veronika has ten years of experience working as a beautician and in terms of work she is the oldest member of Sothys Institut team. She has been working here from the very beginning, almost for 6 years!

Veronika Šebková
beautician, pedicurist, manicurist; she does Sothys body rituals and body hair removal, including Brazilian waxing

Veronika has eight years of experience working as a beautician; she has been working in our team for 2 years. She is also a main trainer of Sothys products for the company of Elegance s.r.o., devoting one week in a month to this work.

Monika Krpálková


We would like to introduce the rules applied in our salon, to which we are committed and which we guarantee to you as a client:
  1. 100% full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services
  2. When you arrive at the appointed time, we will never let you wait longer than 15 minutes. During this time, we offer you a cup of delicious coffee or tea. Should you wait longer than 15 minutes, we guarantee a 15% discount on your treatment.
  3. We are committed to providing you with highly professional treatment and approach as well as advice to your problems. Our team of Beauty Consultants is trained by professionals from Paris and their education is at a high level.
  4. A room for your treatment will always be perfectly prepared and properly cleaned. If you do not have that impression, please do not hesitate to communicate this information to us and we will offer compensation at our discretion.
  5. We will always keep you informed of news, events, package deals and any changes taking place in our beauty salon.
  6. If due to illness or any other reason there is a change in Beauty Consultant selected by you, you will always be timely informed of this change and offered another colleague who is as well-trained and has many years of experience, or you will be offered an alternative date. 
In return, we expect you to keep the following rules and we will greatly appreciate it:
  1. We kindly ask you to be punctual. If you do not arrive in time (we accept 15 minutes), you must understand that we have obligations to other clients. You will be offered another, shorter treatment, or your selected treatment will have to be shortened.
  2. Let us know in time if you want to take along your little child so that we are ready and adjust the operation of the salon.
  3. If your selected treatment is longer than 3 hours (i.e. beauty care, manicure and pedicure), we require an advance deposit of 50% of the price, either by bank transfer or cash payment in the salon. We cannot book the treatment if you fail to do so. Also remember to cancel your appointment timely; if you do not excuse yourself within 24 hours, your deposit shall be forfeited
  4. If you have a gift certificate and are unable to come, it is necessary to cancel your reservation within 24 hours. If you have an appointment for treatment longer than 3 hours, 50% of the value of the gift certificate shall be forfeited.
But let’s finish the formalities. 
It will be our pleasure to provide you with our services for as long as possible, as long as you will be satisfied.
If you have any questions about mutual rules or any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us at any time. We will gladly answer your queries.
Thank you 
Anna Pašková