Sothys Relaxing Body Care Rituals

Unique rituals with maximum effect on body care. Sensual pleasures with fine fragrances and specific Digi - Esthetique® modelling techniques

Art & Beauty

Relaxing body care ritual inspired by art. It is all sense perception with special music, colour, fragrance and touch. It starts with body peeling and continues with full body modelling by heated scented gel.

1h. 30min.   1.850 Kč

A unique body care ritual of Japanese inspiration, offering relaxation of the body and particularly the mind. The treatment is suitable for women and men of all ages and all skin types.

1h. 15min.   1.690 Kč
3 Fragrance Ritual

Body treatment consisting of body peeling and body relaxing massage with 3 kinds of different textures and fragrances that you can choose before the treatment according to your mood. You can select from cream, wax or oil; regarding the fragrances there is a selection of fresh grass, lemon or orange with cedar wood scents.

1h. 15min.   1.650 Kč
3 Fragrance Body Peeling
20min.   750 Kč
3 Fragrance Relaxing Body Modelling
50min.   900 Kč
Relaxing Body Care Ritual with Scented Oil and Moisturizing Bath
1h.   990 Kč
Relaxing Back Modelling
30min.   690 Kč
Slimming and Detoxification Programme
1 hour and 15 minutes long treatment is precisely tailored to each client and carried out with new products of aromatic texture according to Sothys exclusive protocol:
Slimming scrub/wrap, slimming modelling fluid (3 body concentrates with active ingredients for each type of cellulite); there are three types of cellulite:
  • cellulite from fat
  • cellulite from water retention
  • cellulite from muscle loss 
Full body treatment with scrub and wrap in one miraculous product contains fine sea salt and lactic acid ensuring double exfoliation, Seville orange extract ensuring a lipolytic effect (eliminates fat stored in cells), and zeolite - a mineral with a warm-up effect.
Slimming treatment with wrap – body peeling and modelling

effective slimming programme that eliminates toxins from tissues, reduces sings of all type cellulite and, additionally, delights senses. Self-heating peeling.

1h. 15min.   1.650 Kč
Slimming body modelling

Massage with special slimming fluid and application of slimming serum

50min.   1.000 Kč
Body Hair Removal Programme

We perform sugar paste depilation at the places such as face, groins, and armpits. Legs and forearms are depilated by using warm wax, which is also a gentle method to remove unwanted hair from the roots and throughout the body. Special oil is applied after depilation to soothe your skin and prevent ingrown hair.

Upper lip and chin
180 Kč
290 Kč
290 Kč
250 Kč
Calf including knees
400 Kč
Whole legs
800 Kč
Brazilian waxing – Brazilian Landing Strip (a narrow strip of pubic hair is left)
30min.   890 Kč
Brazilian waxing – Hollywood (full pubic hair removal)
40min.   950 Kč
Special offer
Relaxing „Goddess Day“
Treat yourself to a 5-hour care full of relaxation and extraordinary experience at the Institut Sothys. Come and try all our treatments in an all-in package and get light snack with a glass of champagne plus manicure with a 30% discount.
4,5hod.   4.200 Kč
We would like to note that if a client books a treatment longer than 3 hours (e.g. beauty care, pedicure or massage), we require a deposit of 50% of the total required services, either by bank transfer or cash payment in the salon. We cannot book the treatment if you fail to do so. If you do not excuse yourself within 24 hours, your deposit shall be forfeited.
Thank you for your understanding