What is important when selecting the right skin care? It is quite simple. To know what type of skin you have and what your skin needs at the moment. Our Beauty Consultants will help you with all of this. Prior to your first treatment in our salon they carry out an initial consultation and find out what your skin needs; they make a detailed analysis of your skin and recommend the right care accordingly. At the end of each treatment they draw up a 3-month programme tailored to your skin and recommend products for home use. After regular use of Sothys cosmetics you will get a beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Skin care treatments last from 60 minutes to 2 hours according to the type of treatment.

Basic treatment

Basic treatment is tailored to the specific needs of your skin depending on its type.

Dry, Normal, Combination and Oily Skin Treatment

Make-up removal, eyebrow shaping, exfoliation, skin cleansing, massage, masque, application of an ampoule according to skin type, final cream treatment and light daily make-up

1h. 10min.   1.350 Kč
Targeted treatment

These are specific treatments addressing a specific problem of your skin.

Resurfacing peeling facial

It is chemical face peeling used for total recovery of your skin, containing 20 % of AHA acids and salicylic acid that are present in the treatment.

1h 00min.   1.690 Kč
Eau Thermale Spa™ sensitive skin treatment

Efficiency of Marie-Henriette thermal spa water has been finally discovered to make life apparently easier for all those who have sensitive skin.

50min.   1.600 Kč
New brightening skin care with vitamin C

Effective treatment for integration of skin pigmentation. Vitamin C has the effect of toning down the pigment spots by one to two shades.

1h 00min.   1.690 Kč
Resurfacing peeling + vitamin C

Perfect joining of two treatments into one, offering a dual effect: regeneration, radiation and perfect appearance.

1h 00min.   2.100 Kč
Eye treatment

Lifting treatment for tired eyes and eye area. It hydrates the eye area and helps from fatigue.

40min.   950 Kč
Men care

Relaxation and detoxification ritual specially designed for male skin. This treatment combines detoxification with effective enhancing, firming and moisturizing of the skin.

1h.   1.650 Kč
Intensive treatment

Targeted efficiency in combination with a Digi - Esthetique® exclusive method

1h45min   4.300 Kč
Hydra 3H

Intensively hydrating treatment with a three-time higher content of hyaluronic acid, perfectly moisturizing the skin for 24 hours. A cosmetic treatment enhanced with exclusive Digi-Esthétique ® modeling works as a unique and intensive treatment with an exceptional source of essential hydration.

1h 15min.   2.250 Kč
Energizing programme with Siberian Ginseng

Luxurious anti-stress treatment to energize your skin. It is an intense treatment detoxifying the skin and restoring energy in the cells.

1h 15min.   2.300 Kč
Collagene Hyaluronique™

Anti-aging programme - an intensive treatment tailored not to age, but to the actual age of your skin. A special professional diagnosis, classifying the condition of your skin, and professional treatment, combining technology with an exclusive modelling technique, provide a proven and long lasting lifting effect.

1h 15min.   2.350 Kč
Seasonal facials - limited edition

Vitamin and moisturizing fruit facial suitable for all skin types. Original combination of the latest technologies and herbal extracts with fragrances, colours and relaxation.

1h 00min.   1.650 Kč
45min   1.400 Kč
30min   700 Kč

Makeups offered to our clients are made with Sothys decorative and skin care cosmetics. All shades are according to the latest philosophy of pigment colours and highlight a natural personality of every woman and girl. They have a great skin care effect.

Daily make-up

Natural daytime make-up consisting of make-up removal, application of appropriate cream according to skin type and application of base make-up and colours suitable to a client.

30min.   550 Kč
Evening make-up with lifting treatment

Intensive evening make-up accompanied by preparation of your skin. After make-up removal we perform exfoliation to brighten your skin and let it absorb moisturizing serum and cream. Only until then we apply make-up in intense colours and according to client requirements.

1h.   950 Kč
Special offer
Relaxing „Goddess Day“
Treat yourself to a 5-hour care full of relaxation and extraordinary experience at the Institut Sothys. Come and try all our treatments in an all-in package and get light snack with a glass of champagne plus manicure with a 30% discount.
4,5hod.   4.200 Kč
We would like to note that if a client books a treatment longer than 3 hours (e.g. beauty care, pedicure or massage), we require a deposit of 50% of the total required services, either by bank transfer or cash payment in the salon. We cannot book the treatment if you fail to do so. If you do not excuse yourself within 24 hours, your deposit shall be forfeited.
Thank you for your understanding